Olympus Playground


Yesterday, yes, kids‘ day, I went to the Olympus Playground Exhibition in Berlin. It wouldn’t be the first time when a brand uses a BTL strategy to promote a new product, but Olympus did it in a pretty “lustig” way.

It created the “Raum und Kunst” (Space and Art) exhibit to allow potential users to apprehend the new Olympus OM-D. In 7000 square meters ex-deposit (I’ve got a doubt about it) in the heart of Berlin, I waited for 30 minutes and read Maus under the rain to see 12 international artists‘ installations.

People could lend cameras and take pictures so as to enter a competition. I especially like this statement on the project’s website: “you free yourself from your role as passive observer, you become your own player and you find yourself at the center of the event – the visual habits are broken and the illusions become reality.” (roughly translated from German)


I was rather fond of Sven Meyer & Kim Pörksen’ Sonic Water

As a Spanish girl put it “(Este) me está flipando…” The cymatic laboratory “Sonic Water”, the result of the collaboration between Meyer and Pörksen, studies images of water and confers a visual appearance to the sound. The sound frequencies and the interactions of visitors to the exhibition give rise to fascinating structures on the water surface, which are photographed and filmed in the Sonic Water lab.

Sonic Water - "Keine"

Sonic Water – „Keine“

Besides his artistic collaboration with Kim Pörksen, Sven Meyer, founder of the disc label Elfenmaschine, creates relaxing sound collages and audiovisual therapies, while creative director Kim Pörksen explores the boundaries between sub-culture, culture and industry. More about the others œuvres d’art to come soon.

Source: Olympus

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