DMY & Berlin International Design Festival


DMY Berlin is a renowned platform for contemporary product design organizing the DMY International Design Festival, the largest German festival for contemporary product design.

11th edition of the DMY International Design Festival

Last Saturday I went to have a look at the 11th edition of the DMY International Design Festival taking place during the first Berlin Design Week. Organized at the former Berlin Tempelhof Airport, the DMY International Design Festival 2013 hosted more than 500 designers from more than 30 countries. In the hangars of the airport, the 11th edition of the DMY festival featured, next to the central exhibition, the submissions for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2013, the DMY New Talents area and the exhibition within the exhibition: “Refugium – Berlin as a Design Principle”. This year, the exhibition Country Focus put under the spot lights Poland and featured the biggest exhibition of Polish design in Germany to this day. More than 40 designers, design collectives and universities presented their works during the DMY 2013.

To keep it short and snappy, here’s what I liked:

The Click Design (please do push the button!)



Let’s sprint

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