Roststoff or how rusty colors are conceived


Tobias and Matthias founded the Roststoff label in Stuttgart 2011. The why of the project? To „create cultural, artistic fashion which represents more than most of today’s “fast food” brands“.

Roststoff @ DMY International Design Festival 2013

Roststoff @ DMY International Design Festival 2013

Using the pigments of rust has been a traditional technique for printing the color red since hundreds of years. This is the concept at the basis of the creation of the Roststoff brand. The creators travel around the world to find the best rust and convert it into pigments. „We transform the spirit of the objects into abstract graphics and print them on high quality apparel. Our series themes are strongly connected to the rust of each piece we found.“ (sources:

The pieces of art are manually printed and packaged in Stuttgart in limited editions by the two of them.

 Here is the making-of video:

„From the first idea up to the unique packaging, we make sure that you wear not just a shirt, but the essence of pieces.“

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