Bike-yeeeys @ DMY International Design Festival 2013


Always had a thingie for bikes. Since my first red Pegasus, I’ve always imagined myself on the streets of Paris wearing a rouge bonnet, red Chanel lipstick and riding a matching red bike.

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX is not exactly the bike that you would ride wearing a silk jungle-green dress. It has the minimalist look of an urban bike and the robustness of a race bicycle. The design of the Ultimate CF SLX road bike optimizes the characteristics of the carbon frame, which was developed to achieve an even better stiffness-to-weight ratio.

The frame weighs only 790 grammes and internally routes shift and brake cables, thus improving the aerodynamics of a road bike considerably. In combination with the flattened top tube and the Maximus seat tube, this frame offers a high degree of comfort. These features coupled with the stiffer Press-Fit bottom bracket and asymmetric chain stays deliver a very high performance. This innovative frame construction lends this bike a clear and cube-shaped appearance.

The Ultimate CF SLX

The Ultimate CF SLX

The Ultimate CF SLX is available in seven frame sizes to precisely fit individual cyclists. Using a design that harmoniously unites all elements, a road bike with an entirely new form vocabulary was created. It offers cyclists innovative comfort and the possibility of optimizing their sports performance.

Their presentation sounds much better than the pretty-and-shinny description I intended to write.

And then, there’s the Canyon Speedmax CF, a time trial machine painstakingly optimized to achieve the best possible racing outcome. Following an innovative approach, the handlebars, porch, fork and brakes have been defined as a single formal unity. The various profiles and the formal integration of the newly developed braking system were perfected in extensive wind-tunnel testing.

Canyon Speedmax CF

Canyon Speedmax CF

The use of high grade carbon fiber technology allowed the weight of the machine to be reduced to a minimum. The vulnerability of the entire frame-set to side winds was thus reduced by more than 10 per cent. In order to make the Speedmax CF match the physiognomy of individual riders, the frame-set is available in three sizes. In combination with the highly functional and modular stream handlebar system, this time trial machine makes perfect individualization possible.

Canyon Speedmax CF

Canyon Speedmax CF

Man and machine as one.

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