Die allgemeine Stimmung des Internationalen Design Festivals


Ok, so I have to do this, this is the idea of having a blog, blabbering about stuffies and „how wonderful it is that…“.

Joke put aside, the DMY International Design Festival 2013 was truly a very nice first contact with the design world in Berlin.

How wonderful is it that…

… this year was the Polish Design Focus and serendipity worked its force again since I was just „reading “ „Maus“.


… there was a cozy place just under the galaxy of design pieces


… there were these colorful posters I had no idea what the deal was but they looked pretty and played with stereotypes.


… the curator went on a holiday in France, a land I love with all my heart


… DMY International Design festival 2013 took place in the hangars of the old Tempelhof airport …


… and there was a DJ because, yes, we are in Berlin, where everybody is a DJ, has a friend who is a DJ, will someday become a DJ, dated a DJ, just spotted a DJ


… there was a bench with the most beautiful shades of blue and a fantastic (yes, I did employ that word and no, I am not giving it up) pattern


… a some-kind-of-where-the-wild-things-are fluffy monster could have been kicked or hugged but he would put a fight when you got close to the little ones


… I shamelessly took a picture of myself in the mirror and the person who was on my right copied me because he thought there was something special happening to the mirror when being photographed?



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